Coldsaver Insulate Doors Category: Coldsaver Insulated Doors
Year: 2016

The Whiting Quality roll-up for temps below 20°F/-7°C

Specify the Whiting COLDSAVER Door, designed especially for use on trucks and trailers carrying goods at extremely low temperatures (below 20°F/-7°C).

There are no fasteners or aluminum connectors through the door. You can be completely confident with the Whiting COLDSAVER, for low, low temperature control!


Standard Features:

•  Aluminum facing inside and out for easy dleaning and excellent of paint and decals.
•  No rivets on face of door to interfere with lettering or decals.
•  Thick aluminum extruded panels resist puncture.
•  Foam-in place urethane insulation.
•  Panel joints are double sealed.
•  Rigid bottom channel has thermal break for entire width.
•  2 cable balancer with independent spring for each cable. Spring Treated with rust preventative.
•  All rollers can be easily changed without removing hinges.
•  All door hardware E-COATED. (Automotive quality corrosion protection.)
•  4 rows of hinges.
•  Pre-painted in standard white, inside and out at factory.