Temp TAG Category: Temperature Recording
Product Type: Temperature Recording
Year: 2016

This is a low cost system for temperature recording. Temperature is recorded using a “Temperature Tag” at user defined time intervals - one minute to one year - .

The Temperature Tag can be programmed so that when the memory is full it either stops further recording or continues recording by overwriting the earliest of the previously recorded data. 

Recorded information is transferred to a PC. Temperature can be displayed graphically and the zoom function allows focus on time periodswhere the temperature exceed parameters.


What is recorded

-  Date and Time 
- Temperature 
-  Temperature Tag Unique ID Number 


What are the Applications

- Shipping Containers Refrigerated Loads, 
- Dairy Industry, Agricultural Industry 
- Medical Applications, Refrigeration Monitor 
- Fuel Industry, Dangerous Goods Areas 
-  Anywhere Temperature Monitoring is Required!


What are the Requirement

-  Temperature Tag 
-  Temperature Tag PC Software 
-  Temperature Tag / PC Interface 
-  Windows Compatible PC Computer


What are the Features

- No Electrical Connection Required
- Continuous Data Recording
- Recording interval, 1 Minute to 1 Year
- Temperature Range -20 to +85 Deg Celcius,
- Displays Deg Celcius / Farenheit. 
- Records in 0.1 deg C, Displays in 0.5 deg C
- Simple to attach to recording target,
- Re-usable
- Long Battery Life,
- Water Proof Case
- Variable Alarm Parameters


How to use the system

-  Program the Temperature Tag using the Microsoft Access data base program. 
-  Position the Temperature Tag in an appropriate location.  
-  Leave Tag in location for duration to be monitored.  
-  Download the recorded information to your PC.