ETO 40 MH / ETO 55 MH Category: Overcenter material handler
Product Type: Overcenter material handler
Year: 2017

Continuous rotation is standard on all ETO MH units.

•  Full pressure hydraulic controls located at basket and turret w/ full feathering capacities from both upper and lower controls.
•  Shear ball rotation with an extended shaft for manual rotation.
•  Internal mounted holding valves (integral part of cylinder) lock cylinders in place in the event of hydraulic failure.
•  All pins turn on replaceable bushings.
• 90 degree bucket rotator.
•  Single handle upper control.
•  Lower boom fiberglass insert.
•  Hydraulic winch & 5 ft. jib – up to 1,000 lb on ETO40MH material handling capacity.
•  Hydraulic winch & 5 ft. jib – up to 2,000 lb on ETO55MH material handling capacity.
•  24″ x 30″ basket.
•  2 sets outriggers.
•  Up to 400 lb. bucket capacity on ETO40MH.
•  Up to 800 lb. bucket capacity on ETO55MH.